Happy Summer – Back to Business

Well, 2016 has been an interesting year so far… I’m not sure it’s going to go down in history as one of my favourites, speaking both personally and in terms of global and political events. But let’s not dwell on that. Today is technically the first day of my summer holidays before August, which promises to be a very busy month for me. In fact, I have seven weeks sort of to myself before I embark on what will hopefully be an exciting new adventure in my ‘non-writing’ life.

To make the most of that time I have a lot of projects that are close to the finished stage that I want to get away to publishers over the summer. I also have a project nearing completion that I intend to self-publish and a few other exciting things besides. I’ll try my best to keep you posted on all of those (although we all know I am the world’s least capable blogger!).

I also hope to be able to start inviting friends, old and new, back to this little corner of the internet to help me brighten things up around here. First up on that front will be Lea Bronsen who has a very exciting announcement to make. Stay tuned for that!

My final news is I have been toying more and more recently with the idea of writing a sequel to Port In A Storm. Would anyone be interested in seeing Jake make a come back?




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  1. Avalie says:

    Please, please write a sequel to Port in a storm. I have just finished reading it. Does Alex ever grow up? What does the gorgeous Jake see in him? Please get rid of Alex – let him go back to his family and being a lawyer – and let Jake find Chay again. Chay is the real romance. A story about Chay and Jake getting back together, and how different it would be this time given how much Jake has changed, would be great. I just can’t believe a relationhsip between Alex and Jake would last, Alex will never stop lying, and will he ever get a job? And why does his dad keep paying for him to stay home and do nothing but moan, cry and bewail his life? Doesn’t Alex realise how easy he has had it – cheap nice house from his dad, free car, free university…
    So you can see how much I was drawn into the story. It just felt the ending was wrong, or perhaps just unfinished. Too many loose ends. I would love to know what happened next.

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