From Me To You – A Personal Recommendation

Something a little different today. My good friend Kayla Jameth has a new short story out and I’d like to highly recommend it to you all. It’s a sweet read, perfect for anyone looking to dip their toe into the MM S&M genre (and equally perfect for anyone like me who can’t help sniggering whenever the word ‘balls’ crops up – it crops up a lot!).

The premise is fun, the is setting cool and you’ll love the characters. Oh, and at 99cents you definitely can’t go wrong!

Find out more below!



The Anvil isn’t Joe’s first choice for a night out. But he’s too well known at his regular bar to pull off what he has in mind—a night of sex and dirty pool. Joe’s going to sink some balls, but is his boy ready?

Sexy Teaser

The place was murky as only a pool hall can be–stale cigarettes cut by the acrid metallic reek of poppers. The taint of the damn things caught in Joe’s throat and made his head pound. He hated them and his boy didn’t need them. The honest smell of sweaty men was almost lost under the funk of sex laced with everyone’s favorite poison.

The latest metal hit blasted out of the sound system loud enough to cover casual conversation, Def Leppard singing about getting rocked.

If Joe had his way, the whole bar would get rocked by what was about to go down.


You can go bug Kayla with questions about her new release here or on Twitter.

Dirty Pool is available NOW at Amazon



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