Who He Used To Be

I’m delighted to announce that my short story, Who He Used To Be, will be available soon. Check out the blurb and stay tuned for a cover reveal! 

Sometimes it takes a stranger, to remind you who you used to be.


When Connor’s partner Jeff announces that their relationship isn’t working anymore, Connor is surprised by how little he cares. Newly single, Connor heads for a bar where he meets Parker, a man who proves an excellent distraction not least because he looks nothing like clean-cut Jeff and a lot like the sexy bad-boys Connor used go for back in Glasgow.

A one-night-stand becomes a long weekend, but Connor still hasn’t had enough of Parker’s dark eyes and easy smile. Connor likes Parker, and not just because Parker reminds him of the man Connor used to be, but he doesn’t know if Parker feels the same.

When Jeff asks Connor to come back, Connor needs to make a decision. Go back to the security of his relationship with Jeff, or jump in at the deep end with Parker and find out if he still remembers how to swim.

Who He Used To Be is COMING SOON!



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