Cyber Friday, Black Monday?

Good day, all.

At five am yesterday morning, I stepped off a plane at Frankfurt airport after a twelve hour flight from Hong Kong. I’m now back in bonnie Scotland, where the grass may be green, but the weather is decidedly dreich.

I’m a little jet lagged, so I’m struggling to know the correct time, let alone what day it is, but I have been informed by the rolling news channels (and some images of people throwing punches over heavily discounted televisions and games consoles) that I successfully slept through Black Friday, but that Cyber Monday is still to come. Unless today is , like, Tuesday or something in which case I’ve lost a weekend.

To celebrate, are giving away 25% on all eBooks on their website, including my own A Secret Love. 



That means you’ll save 25% on the usual $2.99 asking price for A Secret Love which means you’ll pay…em… Less money! (I really can’t do math in my current condition).

So, head on over to Evernight’s website, select your format and have the discount applied at the check-out. Only if you fancy it, of course. It’s a nice little story. I mean, I like it. I think it’s quite good, but, you know, I would, wouldn’t I?

Anyway, check it out, if you have the inclination, and try not to punch anyone in the virtual line. There’s plenty of copies to go around!

Ciao for now.



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