Business or Pleasure is Rereleased as SPANISH HEAT!

Most of you will probably know by now that I started writing erotica when I was at university. I was by no means destitute, but during my final two years there were times when my flatmates and I had to sit with our oven door wide open in winter because the heating had broken. Again. The oven was turned up to maximum, obviously, otherwise it would have been a rather pointless exercise…

There were also long periods of time when pasta and chickpeas and beans pretty much defined my diet because I had to choose between textbooks starting at fifty quid a pop, and a proper food shop (I still bought alcohol, though. Things never got that bad).

It was my flatmate who first introduced me to ‘writing porn’, as she called it. She suggested I try my hand at it (not like that!) and after a bit of persuasion (again, not like that!) I did. I had a few pieces published back in the day and I enjoyed the process of writing. I didn’t make my fortune at it, but it did help get meat and fresh vegetables back on the menu, for which I remain incredibly grateful.

Anyway. I graduated and went off to dig in muddy fields for a living and I forgot all about my pornographic past until summer 2012. I was on holiday and a character, Jake, just popped into my head. I fell in love with him immediately and he became my lead character in Port In A Storm, a novel I self-published in November 2012. (I’ve since taken it off sale, just in case you go looking for it.)

I was still (am still) working full-time as an archaeologist so progress with my writing was relatively slow, but in April 2013 I had a story released by the now defunct Silver Publishing. The story was called Business or Pleasure. It was a 15,000 word short about Jack, a young man who takes a job house-sitting in Spain, but finds a lot more waiting for him there than he expected in the form of his hot new employer, Clark Thomas.

I was really proud of Business or Pleasure. It was the first time I had worked with a big publisher in a long time and I loved my story. It even climbed its way up to number 10 on Silver’s best-sellers list which was hugely exciting. But, things happened at Silver as we all know and ultimately the rights to Business or Pleasure were returned to me at the start of the summer. I thought that was it for Jack and Clark, but I really did like my characters. In fact, I liked them too much to give up on them completely.

I thought I was pushing my luck (knew I was pushing my luck, probably) but I took a deep breath and kept everything crossed and contacted Totally Bound Publishing. I submitted Jack and Clark’s story to them. Totally Bound is a publishing house I admire hugely. Some of the authors they have on their books are writers I stalk with baited breath, waiting on new releases. I’m not sure I even really expected a reply when I submitted my manuscript to them. But guess what?

They said yes!

So, Business or Pleasure has found a home with Totally Bound Publishing. Only, it’s not called Business or Pleasure anymore. I am absolutely chuffed to bits, delighted as hell and over the friggin’ moon to announce that Business or Pleasure will be re-released as Spanish Heat on August 22nd 2014!

'Spanish Heat' will be released on August 22nd 2014
‘Spanish Heat’ will be released on August 22nd 2014

Early downloads will be available from July 25th and you can pre-order your copy of Spanish Heat now using the link below!

Happy Days!

You’ll be able to find more information about Spanish Heat soon, under the ‘BOOKS’ tab above.


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